Pig breeding in modern Ukrainian realities: prospects and challenges

Pig breeding has historically been considered a promising economic sector, as it provides an opportunity to obtain meat, lard, skin and bristles from pigs, which are kept by the entrepreneur. This is a product that is in stable demand, and therefore entering the market with it is a good decision. So you join that niche of economic activity that provides the stable needs of the population for quality products, livestock. This means that you do not need to test demand, and all that remains is to offer your customers a product of sufficient quality.
Pig breeding prospects
Pork plays a key role in the overall production of meat. This phenomenon is quite explainable for the following reasons:
• multiple pregnancy of sows;
• early maturity;
• large slaughter weight;
• relatively low feed consumption, which makes this business profitable.
In addition to these organizational advantages, it is important to note the high quality of the meat itself, which provides it with a well-deserved demand among consumers. Pork is almost twice as nutritious as lamb and beef. Given these advantages of pig farming as an industry and pork as a product, it becomes quite obvious why more and more entrepreneurs are starting their economic activities in this area.
Challenges for the industry
Considering that pig breeding as an industry attracts many business entities, the supply is growing. There is an active competition for the attention of the consumer and his choice. And also - the technical capabilities are improving to optimize this business. The winner is the one who knows how to adapt his business to the objective modern realities, keep his finger on the pulse of events and trends. If you want a business that just works, traditional ways of doing it may be enough. If you need a business that confidently outperforms competitors, you should take care of its optimization, in accordance with modern models and principles of management.
For example, technical equipment plays an important role in improving the conditions for keeping and feeding pigs. It is also possible to use technological solutions aimed at improving ventilation and heating conditions. The automation process, aimed at saving human resources, also plays an important role.
If you are interested in the opportunity to introduce such technological innovations at the level of your business, you can contact VADA. We specialize in this particular area and will be happy to help you solve a number of organizational and technological problems aimed at optimizing your business in the pig industry.
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