Technical capabilities for additional support to pets: from ventilation to sanitary systems

In one of the previous articles, we have already briefly told you what directions exist for optimizing management in the field of poultry farming and the technical possibilities for this. And this time we will open the topic in more detail and tell you how VADA can help you in realizing such opportunities.
Two years ago, the press service of the Antitrust Committee of Ukraine voiced the conclusion that poultry farming in Ukraine is the most dynamic branch of animal husbandry. Today, this trend is only strengthening, which means that there is a great demand for the products that this sector offers. At the same time, competition is also increasing as the scope for automation and better technical equipment in the poultry house is growing.
Among the reasons for the dynamic development of the poultry industry, representatives of the Antitrust Committee named:
• fast reproduction of livestock;
• the lowest cost of material resources, when compared with other areas that are aimed at the supply of meat;
• small costs of human labor, which fall on a unit of production.
And if we add to these factors the argument that high-quality technical support can significantly increase the profitability of poultry farming, it becomes an attractive industry, despite the intense competition.
The VADA company offers in this direction technological solutions and equipment for cage and floor keeping of birds, their feeding and watering, picking up eggs, heating, cooling, ventilation and providing a whole range of other needs. We offer complex technical equipment of poultry houses, which allows providing the necessary conditions for keeping birds. This reduces the risk of exposure to adverse factors and morbidity, which avoids losses.
Working on equipping each specific object, we implement our strategy in three directions:
1. we select the most cost-effective technical solutions, taking into account the characteristics of the object;
2. we do not just supply equipment, but we take care of its mutual integration with existing systems for the well-coordinated functioning of all elements;
3. We provide prompt and high-quality service.
This approach shows its effectiveness in practice and helps to optimize farming in the poultry segment to an optimal and comfortable format.
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